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 view from pulau melaka

dr kang
Dr. Kang *splash-ed*
bukit tinggi, pahang
just a photo of mighty KLCC standing tall

julian says, ‘change is inevitable’

its amazing how things changes, how a person changes


This is how Alan had changed over 4 years time. Still wearing the same shirt. even at this very momment i am writing this post..he is also wearing this t-shirt. 😀

start or end?

a start or an end?

Its the start of an end.

its today!

graduation picture by Dr. Kang

Today have gotten the form for registration to work in government.

Cant believe that I will be soon stepping into another whole different world.

1 more week of classes.

1 more presentation tomorrow.

Flu, got to go abuse my clarinase.

For a little change,

I will be shifting my blog here. 🙂

A song for you all. Aqualung – Brighter Than Sunshine.

chi fei